Crusader Kings 3 Review – Pass the Duchy


Crusader Kings 3 Review – Pass the Duchy

Crusader Kings 3 is an intricate story-telling device weaving countless threads as long as you have the will to keep it spinning.

13 Hidden (???) Tricks for Crusader Kings III – Educate Child, Move Capital, etc…

CK3 has a *much* better interface than CK2, but that doesn’t mean that everything is obvious. Here are 13 semi-hidden user interface tricks that might make a big difference in your next campaign! Experience the thrill of gaming history with emulatorgamesonline assortment, where every title tells a story of nostalgia and fun.

Educate Child
Move Capital
Pin characters

Add Laws
Men-At-Arms level up
Assign Physician
Negotiate Release of Prisoner
Notify when decision is available

Search for Spouse — Filters (RESET!)
Find characters “C” / Find titles “V”

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Crusader Kings 3 Review // Is It Worth It in 2022?!

Crusader Kings 3 Review 2022 // Is It Worth It in 2022?! Is Crusader Kings 3, one of the best strategy games of recent years worth a buy in 2022 for everyone? Let’s Find Out!

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Crusader Kings III- Diplomacy Gone Wrong (Feat: T Pain)

Watch Grammy Award winner and rap royalty T-Pain rewrite history in style in Crusader Kings III. This natural utopia is disrupted when His Majesty’s legendary dynasty and new personal religion encounter surprising opposition. You, too, can take control of history when Crusader Kings III launches on Xbox Game Pass on March 29.
#IDatXbox #IDXbox

How to Play Crusader Kings with The Rulebook

Join the Rulebook today on an adventure into the world of the Medieval ages as he teaches you how to play Crusader Kings, which is based on the highly popular video game Crusader Kings 2.

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