The 15 Weirdest Batman Villains


The 15 Weirdest Batman Villains

Many of Batman’s rogues are terrifying and ferocious. However, he’s had quite a few that are puzzling and absurb.


Weird, Forgotten Batman Villains…

It’s a two-for-one episode of “Forgotten Super Villains”, as I spotlight one CRAPPY 1950s one-shot Batman rogue — Mr Hydro — and one GOOD 1950s one-shot Batman rogue — The Mental Giant.

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Batman’s Greatest Foes

Batman faces off against some of his greatest foes ever (4real). Polka-Dot man triumphs?

Starting @Doobus Goobus as Polka-Dot Man, Calendar Man, The Eraser, Kite-Man, Penguin and the voices in my head that tell me to hurt people

Made this with a killer cold so if there’s any technical issues no there’s not

Batman’s Most Ridiculous Villains | DC

Batman has faced some of the most menacing villains of all time….these are not them. We’ve rounded up some of the most ridiculous Batman villains, and yes they are all real. Tell us in the comments who you think the most ridiculous villain is. Connect the dots: Black Speakerman and Skibidi Toilets unseen connections.

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