The Flash Will End With Season 9 At The CW


The Flash Will End With Season 9 At The CW

The final season will run for 13 episodes, and arrive in 2023.

THE FLASH Season 9 Release Details. Reverse-Flash is Dead, BUT Tom Cavanagh is Coming Back!

Hey, guys! As you have just enjoyed an explosive Season 8 finale, we have great news for you as Season 9 of The Flash is officially confirmed by The CW! In fact, The Flash was among a few CW shows that received an early renewal back in March, together with Riverdale, Walker, and Superman & Lois. And that is DESPITE the fact that Season 8 viewership was down by 26%! Early renewal was a blessing, because just a few months later, in light of rumors that Warner Media was selling the network, The CW had a massive cancellation of a dozen hit series, including Dynasty, Charmed, and Batwoman. Anyway, back to The Flash Season 9, which is set to premiere on The CW in late fall 2022. Despite the fact that we saw an ultimate battle between The Flash and Reverse-Flash in the finale, this is NOT the last you saw of Tom Cavanagh. You see, as showrunner Eric Wallace revealed in an interview, when the season finale episode was written, it was meant to be the series finale as well, and then The Flash got renewed for Season 9. Reverse-Flash and the Negative Reverse-Flash ARE dead, but since it’s a comic book show, nothing prevents the creators from bringing them back in Season 9, confirmed Eric Wallace. Speaking of the final scene with a glowing blue crystal in 2049, the comic book fans know what that means for Season 9, and for the rest of you – we won’t spoil the surprise. Guys, share with us what you thought of the Season 8 finale and your theories for Season 9 in the comments.
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The CW Reveals If Season 9 Of The Flash Will Be The End

Original Timeline Flash COMING in Season 9!? – The Flash Season 9 ENDING Theory

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Original Timeline Flash COMING!? – The Flash Season 9, The Flash Trailer, Supergirl Movie, Superman and Lois

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