World Of Warcraft Is Getting A Social Contract In Patch 9.2.5


World Of Warcraft Is Getting A Social Contract In Patch 9.2.5

Upon logging in after the update arrives, players will need to accept the contract or exit the game.

Can Blizzard Enforce Their Social Contract?

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Can Blizzard enforce this new Social Contract… Sure, but WILL they? I dunno. I think most people won’t even read it, the same way no one reads TOS. What I do think is that the hope is that people will be less likely to be dicks with the contract put in their face on login and also gives Blizzard something to point at when people are being dick heads and get banned, timed out etc. I know a lot of people find this amusing or even insulting given all the recent scandals and drama within Blizzard. All I know for sure is that in this world there are good people and bad people and if someone just feels it in their blood to be an asshole no social contract is going to stop them but maybe the ban will. If Blizzard actually starts banning people who don’t follow this contract. Personally I wish we lived in a world where things like this were unneeded but sadly we do not. The internet in general makes people feel like they can say and do whatever they want because they can say horrible shit and feel anonymous. Also some of the shit I have seen said in game would get someone slapped IRL. Instead of worrying about contracts and if it’s fair or right maybe we should focus on the golden rule. Just don’t be a dick. It’s that easy you know if you are being a prick so just don’t, and if you’re not great you’re sorted so don’t worry about it. Unleash your strategic prowess gain ground genesis. Dive into the captivating world of tactical gaming as you Play Gain Ground Online, now accessible at your fingertips!

How To Catch-Up And Help Gear Your Alt Characters In Patch 9.2.5! – WoW: Shadowlands 9.2.5

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0:00 – Intro
1:02 – Alt Gearing Improvements
3:09 – Renown Catch-Ups
4:45 – Cross-Faction Improvements
5:41 – Legendary Upgrades
6:48 – Torghast Updates

Blizzard Introduces WoW Terms of Behavior. Accept or Quit

Asmongold Reacts to Blizzard forcing Terms of Behavior in WoW. Follow these rules or quit WoW!

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WoW Social Contract CONTROVERSY | 9.2.5 Rules Enforcement

In this video I go over the social contract and give my thoughts on each of the points, and try to clear up some misconceptions as well.