Xbox One X Release Date, Review, Games, And Everything You Need To Know


Xbox One X Release Date, Review, Games, And Everything You Need To Know

Here’s a rundown for the Xbox One X price, release date, specs, games, 4K details, a PS4 Pro and Xbox One comparison, and much more. No Apps, No Distractions: Ready to simplify your life and boost productivity? Collection of dumb phones offers you an app-free experience. Click to find your perfect fit.

Xbox One in 2022 – worth it? (Review)

The Xbox One is approaching a decade old, but with the lasting shortages of newer consoles including the Series S & Series X, the older systems are maintaining relevance. How do the Xbox One Original & Xbox One S hold up in 2022?
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0:00 – Opening Thoughts
2:33 – Xbox One in 2022
6:05 – Buying an Xbox One
8:27 – Summary & Conclusion


Should You Buy a Xbox One X in 2021?

Now that the Xbox Series X and S consoles are out, what about the Xbox One X? This video breaks down why now is the perfect time to pick up the last Xbox console.

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Xbox One X Review

Microsoft’s long-awaited premium console delivers exactly what’s been promised, the best console you can buy right now, with a few caveats.

The Best Xbox Gifts for 2017:

Xbox One X vs. PS4 Visual Hardware Comparison:

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Xbox software update! EVERYTHING you need to know

New Xbox updates are out today! You no longer need a phone to use Xbox features. Xbox gets new features and how to use them.

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Shut down = Energy saving

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From Xbox Wire

“The Xbox October Update Rolls Out Today. Team Xbox is excited to continue bringing new ways to make Xbox better, with you at the center, as we refine the experience and deliver brand-new features based on your feedback. This month’s update will bring you the ability to change your TV volume from your Xbox Series X|S consoles, to mute all your startup sounds, improved setup screens to choose and change your home Xbox, an Xbox controller firmware update and more.
You’ll also notice a Search bar has been added to the top of your Xbox console home screen, making it easier to quickly search for games, apps, and media content.
Xbox Series X|S consoles can use an HDMI feature called Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) to send commands to and from CEC-enabled devices such as TVs that are connected to the console. Starting today, we’re enabling a new feature for Xbox Series X|S consoles connected to TVs over HDMI.”

From The Verge

“Discord on Xbox won’t need a phone soon. Microsoft is making Discord voice calls way better on Xbox soon by removing a big annoyance. You won’t have to use a phone to connect to Discord voice chats anymore in an upcoming update, allowing Xbox owners to connect directly to calls in servers. This will make it a lot easier to just connect to Discord servers and start chatting with friends.

Xbox Insiders on the Alpha and Skip-Ahead Alpha rings can start testing these changes today, and they allow you to browse all voice channels across all the Discord servers you’re in. Connecting no longer requires you to transfer the call with the Xbox or Discord mobile apps, and once your account is linked for the first time, you can freely join straight from your Xbox.”

From Tom Warren

“Xbox is getting a new Captures app. It lets you view all your game clips and screenshots directly on your console, instead of using the mobile app.”

From Windows Central

“Quarrel review: Adding Discord voice calls to Xbox One … sort of. Quarrel is a free app that brings Discord voice calls and the ability to send messages to the Xbox One. It isn’t perfect, but it’s the best option I’ve used for using Discord on the Xbox One.”

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